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This site celebrates the life and work of sculptor John Cassidy (1860 - 1939).

This is our master list of all Cassidy works (whether or not still in existence) known to us: there are certainly many more to be discovered. For works with their own articles on this site, links are given.

Numbers in bold red show works which may be visited by the public.

Numbers in faint red show works known to exist in 2011, but not on public display.

The reference numbers used are based on the year the work is dated, was unveiled, first exhibited, or otherwise recorded in print.

Additions, and any further information, are always welcome.

Rosa Leo Grindon (1923.01)

The British Nun Club Heroes' Trophy (1924.02)

Reference list of all known John Cassidy works, by date.

Last updated September 2018

Dates are estimated when possible in order to establish a reference number. They may be dates of unveiling, first known exhibition, or purely an approximation. Many of the works in the Catalogue of a Small Collection printed in June 1914 are not recorded elsewhere, and are listed provisionally under 1914. The codes beginning CSC refer to the entries in that catalogue. Links in the entries are to our features about the individual works, or to descriptions on the owners' websites. Catalogue and/or gallery accession numbers are given where known, as well as current location.

The list has been updated to include works listed by the Glagow University 'Mapping of Sculpture' project, marked [MoS]. If the reference number is in bold red type, e.g. 1880.01, the work is believed to be on public view as of November 2015. Works inside buildings are subject to opening hours. Light red type, e.g. 1892.01, indicates a work known to exist in 2013 or on the later date mentioned in the entry.


1880.01: A Street Scene, Drogheda, 1880. Oil painting. Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda.

1880.02: Wooden House, Shop Street, Drogheda, 1830. Painting. High Lanes Gallery, Drogheda.


1881.01: Self-portrait. Oil painting. [circa 1881.] Private collection.


1886.01: Commerce. Relief panel.  Shown at South Kensington Museum exhibition, 1886. Exhibited at the Manchester Academy 1910, lent by G.H. Walker (no. 286). CSC/94.


1887.01: Decorative modelling at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston, Lancashire (details unknown)

1887.02: Mr T.R. Wilkinson. Bust. Shown in the Royal Avenue, Royal Jubilee Exhibition, Old Trafford.

1887.03: Dr. Keats. Bust. Shown in the Royal Avenue, Royal Jubilee Exhibition, Old Trafford.

Also, a large number (approx. 185) of modelled heads in clay of visitors during the Royal Jubilee Exhibition, and other works. Subjects unknown.


1888.01: Cardinal Vaughan. Bust. CSC/14. Private collection, Ireland.
Herbert Alfred Vaughan (1832 - 1903)  was Roman Catholic Bishop of Salford from 1872 - 1892, then Archbishop of Westminster until his death. During his tenure at Salford he established St Bede's College in 1875.

1888.02: A Songwriter of the Last Century (details unknown. exhibited Manchester Academy, 1888)

1888.03: The late Charles Mosley, Esq. (details unknown. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1888)

1888.04: Enid, Daughter of Byron Cooper, Esq. Bronzed plaster bust. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1888. Exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery, Eighteenth Autumn Exhibition, 1900 [MoS]

George Gordon Byron Cooper (1849-1933) was a member of Manchester Academy of Fine Arts from 1891 and in London and in Paris he studied with Jules Breton and Carolus Duran. He became known as the 'moonlight painter' father of the Manchester School of Painters.  His daughter Enid was trained by him and painted landscapes in Cornwall. It seems she was born in 1884, so would have been a small child at the time of the work. She died in 1959.

1888.05: Herr Cohen (details unknown. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1888)

1888.06: An old veteran (details unknown. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1888)


1889.01: Richard Peacock memorial plaque Relief panel - Broadfield Church, Gorton, Manchester, exterior. Design exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery, First Exhibition of Arts and Crafts, 1891 [MoS]


1890.01: John Howard, the Prison Reformer. Bronze Plaque. On sale at Manchester Art Gallery, Eighth Autumn Exhibition, 1890
£10 10s [MoS]

1890.02: Fred Harsley, Esq. M.A. Plaster bust. Exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery, Eighth Autumn Exhibition, 1890 [MoS]
Langton Fellow of The Owens College, Victoria University, Manchester 1886, Lecturer in English Language, University of Berlin, 1990.

1890.03: Alderman Bailey. Plaster bust. Exhibited at  Manchester Art Gallery, Eighth Autumn Exhibition, 1890 [MoS]
Mayor of Salford, 1890s

1890.04: W. H. Murphy, Esq. Plaster bust. Exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery, Eighth Autumn Exhibition, 1890 [MoS]

1890:05: W. H. Hesketh, Esq. Plaster bust. Exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery, Eighth Autumn Exhibition, 1890 [MoS]


1892.01: The Ship Canal Digger. Bronze Statuette. - Manchester Art Gallery (n display in the CIS Manchester room until the exhibition there was dismantled in 2011.) 1893.21. On sale at Manchester Art Gallery, Eleventh Autumn Exhibition, 1893 for £75 10s. The only Cassidy work ever purchased by the Gallery from the artist. [MoS]


1893.01: John Thomasson Relief medallion, Mere Hall gateway, Bolton, Greater Manchester. (Also plaques of Bolton coat of arms)

1893.02: Charles A. Kesselmeyer Esq. bust? Exhibited at  Manchester Art Gallery, Eleventh Autumn Exhibition, 1893 [MoS]
Charles Augustus Kesselmeyer, c. 1845 -1922. Manchester Merchant and sometime inventor - Son of German-born merchant Charles W. Kesselmeyer, of 'Villa Mon Repos', Bowdon, Cheshire.
1893.03: Dr Joseph Parry. Model for a marble bust. Exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery, Eleventh Autumn Exhibition, 1893 [MoS]

1894.01: Daniel Melia, Esq. Marble bust. Exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery, Twelfth Autumn Exhibition, 1894 [MoS]

1894.02: Throwing In. Model for bronze. Exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery, Twelfth Autumn Exhibition, 1894 [MoS] Also version in, bronze: CSC/3.


1895.01: Edward Colston Bronze statue. Bristol, Colston Avenue. Study for the head exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery, Thirteenth Autumn Exhibition, 1895 [MoS] Sketch model exhibited at Royal Hibernian Academy Annual Exhibition, 1898.

1895.01: The Late Herbert Birley, Chairman of the Manchester School Board. Suggestion for Memorial Tablet. Quarter-size model. Exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery, Second Exhibition of Arts and Crafts, 1895 [MoS]


1896.01: John and Sebastian Cabot. Maquette. Shown at New Gallery, London, 1896, Manchester Academy, 1898 (no. 301),  Royal Hibernian Academy, 1899, described as a 'model for colossal sculpture' £36 15s., Manchester Academy Jubilee Exhibition, 1909 (lent by G.H. Walker) and the Manchester Academy 1910 (no.283).

1896.02: E. Griffiths Hughes. bust. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1896 (no.253)

1896.03: Richard Cobden Phillips. Bust. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1896 (no. 254)
Richard Cobden Phillips was an explorer and trader on the Congo River in Africa, known for his Anthroplogical writings.

1896.04: The Chief Librarian of Manchester (Charles W. Sutton, Esq.) Bronzed Plaster bust. Exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery, Fourteenth Autumn Exhibition, 1896 [MoS]  Was displayed in  Manchester Central Library main reading room, but damaged (possibly beyond repair) c. 2008.  PMSA


1897.01: Jubilee fountain bronze dolphin and other items. Manchester, Albert Square.  PMSA

1897.02: Charles Hallé. Bronze bust.  Manchester, Bridgewater Hall: foyer. Exhibited Royal Academy, London, 1897 (no. 2047), Manchester Academy, 1898 (no. 299). Exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery, Seventeenth Autumn Exhibition, 1899 on sale by commission in bronze for £105. [MoS] Note: the bust on display is a new casting made in 1996 from the plaster model which survives in the Hallé Orchestra archives.

1897.03: Charles Hallé. Bronze statuette. In the archives of the Royal Northern College of Music, not on display, 2012.

1897.04: Hygeia Granite Statue. Designed by Cassidy. Aberdeen, Scotland, Duthie Park, mounted on a column.

1897.05: Queen Victoria Stone statue. Belfast, Northern Ireland,  Shankill Cemetery

1897.06: Henry Clarence Whaite Bronze bust  - Manchester Art Gallery 1898.5 [Not on display, 2011]. Exhibited: New Gallery, London 1896, Manchester Academy, 1897 (no. 281), and 1898 (no.309). Manchester Academy of Fine Arts, 81st Spring Exhibition, 1940. [MoS]

1897.07: William Matthews, Esq. portrait. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1897 (no. 280)


1898.01: Theology directing the labours of Science and Art Group of three stone figures. John Rylands Library, Manchester - PMSA

1898.02: James Dorrian Stone statue. Bolton, Greater Manchester, Queen's Park Terrace PMSA

1898.03: Richard Smith, Esq.. portrait bust. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1898 (no. 302)

1898.04: Ben Brierley Stone statue. Sketch Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1898 (no. 303). Was in Manchester, Queens Park, but destroyed in the 1980s. Plaster model for head on display in Failsworth Library. -  PMSA

1898.05: Sketch for a Monument to Wolf Tone.  CSC/57.

Theobald Wolfe Tone or Wolfe Tone (20 June 1763 – 19 November 1798), was a leading Irish revolutionary figure.
The foundation stone for the memorial was laid in 1898, but the memorial was never made.

1898.06: Sketch for a Monument to The Peacemaker [?Wolfe Tone]. CSC/58.  Another version: CSC/59. 


1899.01: John Rylands Marble statue. Manchester, John Rylands Library PMSA

1899.02: Joan of Arc. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1899 (no. 292)

1899.03: Reginald Barber, Esq.  Manchester Academy, 1899 (no.295)
Reginald Barber was a painter, and fellow member of the Manchester Academy. His portrait of Cassidy is store in Manchester Art Gallery: see our home page.

1899.04: Cover design, 1899 Manchester Academy Exhibition Catalogue. Copy preserved in the archive of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts.

1899.05: Samuel Ogden, Esq. J.P. exhibited Manchester Academy, 1900 (no.255) CSC/53. Mentioned in a newspaper article in 1899.
Lived 1819-1903.Textile manufacturer and businessman known for his long association with the Manchester Athenaeum, (in which he served as Honorary Secretary from 1849-53). From 1859-1870 he was chairman of the Athenaeum Board, and from 1870 until he death he was its President. He was made a magistrate for the City of Manchester in 1875.

1899.06 John Hargreaves Scott, marble bust. Installed in the Scott memorial, Scott Park, Burnley, Lancashire.


1900.01: Benjamin Dobson Bronze statue. Bolton, Greater Manchester, outside Town Hall. Sketch model exhibited Manchester Academy, 1900 (no. 254)  PMSA

1900.02: Lancashire Dialect Writers' Memorial bronze plaques Rochdale, Greater Manchester

1900.03 George Milner  Bronze bust. Manchester Art Gallery In store), 1901.1. [Not on display, 2011] Exhibited at the Manchester Academy, 1909 (no.267). Exhibited at Manchester Academy of Fine Arts, 81st Spring Exhibition, 1940. CSC/51.
(Photo of the bust by John Cassidy, of George Milner, J.P., President of Manchester Literary Club is held in Manchester Literary Club archive,)

1900.04 George Milner, statuette. CSC/22. Date estimated from 1900.03: Cassidy several times created statuettes based on commissioned busts.

1900.06: Charles Potter, Esq., R.C.A. head. exhibited Manchester Academy, 1900 (no.256) CSC/23. 
Member of the Royal Cambrian Academy, lived in Oldham and Talybont, Conwy, and exhibited at the Royal Academy and elsewhere from 1867 to 1892. Died c. 1902.

1900.07: Thomas de Quincey, the English Opium Eater. Bronze bust? On sale at Manchester Art Gallery, Eighteenth Autumn Exhibition, 1900 for £150 [MoS].  Also a plaster version presented by Cassidy to Moss Side Library, 1904.

1900.08: Thomas Read Wilkinson, Esq. Marrble bust? Exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery, Eighteenth Autumn Exhibition, 1900 [MoS]


1901.01 Memorial to Professor Tom Jones. Bronze relief panel.  University of Manchester.

1901.02: Mrs George H. Walker. Bronze Statuette. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1901 (no.292);  Manchester Art Gallery, Twenty-Second Autumn Exhibition, 1904 [MoS]

1901.03 Miss Ottoline Walker. Equestrian Statuette. Recorded in a list made by Cassidy's studio assistant.  Exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery, Twenty-Sixth Autumn Exhibition, 1908 as 'On the Moorland - Ottoline Mary, Daughter of George H. Walker, Esq.'

1901.04 Portrait bust, from life. exhibited Manchester Academy, 1901 (no.293)

1901.05: The Revd. B. McGovern. exhibited Manchester Academy, 1901 (no.294)


1902.01: Dr E. Schunck, marble. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1902 (no.289) and 1919 (no. 258) CSC/48? See also 1904.06.

1902.02: Haydon Perry, Esq. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1902 (no.290)
Lived c. 1865-1914. Writer for The Clarion newspaper.

1902.03: The late Mr. Christie, model for bronze. CSC/84.
Probably Richard Copley Christie (1830-1901) Professor and trustee of Owens College. Date of work estimated

1902.04: The late Mrs. Christie, model for bronze. CSC/85.
Helen Mary Christie, wife of Richard Copley Christie. Date estimated: the model for this work is illustrated in Faces and Places, 1903.


1903.01: John Kay. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1903 (no.250) CSC/21.

1903.02: Golfing, Mr Alan Walker. Bronze. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1903 (no.252) Possibly the same work as either 'The Golfer' (CSC/2) or 'Harold H. Hilton' (below).

1903.03: Harold H. Hilton, amateur [golf] champion 1900-1901 Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1903 (no.253); Royal Academy, London, 1904 (no. 1770); Seventy-Eighth Autumn Exhibition at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, 1904 [MoS]
Lived 1869-1942. Amateur Golf champion and writer on golf.

1903.04: Alderman Harry Rawson. Sketch model in plaster. Exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery, Twenty-First Autumn Exhibition, 1903 [MoS]  CSC/52
Harry Rawson (1820-1904). Printer and Stationer who became Governor or Owens College, Chairman of Council John Rylands Library, Freeman of the City of Manchester. 'More than once refused the Lord Mayorship.'

1903.05: J. Ernest Phythian, Esq. Sketch model in plaster. Exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery, Twenty-First Autumn Exhibition, 1903. [MoS]
John Ernest Phythian, art historian. father of Dame Mabel Tylecote (1896-1987) educationalist and politician.


1904.01: Albert Jarret small medallion (1904) Manchester Art Gallery, 1980.252. [Not on display, 2011] Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1919 (no.259)
Albert Jarret (born in Hastings, Sussex, c. 1839)  was Registrar of Manchester Southern Cemetery. He lived in the cemetery lodge with his family; he died in 1916 and now lies buried there, as does John Cassidy.

1904.02: James Gresham. Bronze bust. Exhibited at the Royal Academy, London, 1904 (no. 1772), Manchester Academy, 1905 (no. 314) and 1919 (no.259). Location of work not known, but see feature on James Gresham.

1904.03: Rev. James Clark. Bronze. Exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery, Twenty-Second Autumn Exhibition, 1904 [MoS]
Probably The Rev. James Clark (1830 - 1905), pastor from 1857 of the Bible Christian Church in Salford, founded by James Cowherd, a breakaway sect of the Swedenborgian Church. Clark served as secretary of the Vegetarian Society and also helped to found the International Vegetarian Union.

1904.04: The Shepherd Boy, bronze. CSC/9. Exhibited at The Seventy-Eighth Autumn Exhibition at the Rooms of the Society, New Street (Royal Birmingham Society of Artists), 1904 as 'lent by James Gresham, Esq., JP' and Royal Cambrian Academy of Art Twenty-Seventh Annual Exhibition, 1909 £15 15s. [MoS] (also called 'A Shepherd Boy')

1904.05 James Gresham, Esq., medallion. CSC/74. Private collection.

1904.06: The late Edward Schunck, bronze medallion portrait Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1911  (no. 291) CSC/61. Owned by the School of Chemistry, University of Manchester and on display in the foyer of the School of Chemistry building, Brinswick Street.


1905.01: James Joule Bronze bust.  Worthington Park, Sale, Greater Manchester  PMSA

1905.02: A Reverie Bronze statuette of female nude. Signed and dated 1905. Private collection. See 1906.04.

1905.03: Design for South African War Memorial. Exhibited at the Manchester Academy, 1905. CSC/62. Exhibited at Corporation of Manchester Art Gallery, Twenty-Third Autumn Exhibition, 1905 [MoS]


1906.01 The Weaver's Wife. Fired clay.  Salford Art Gallery, Greater Manchester. [Not on display, 2011.] Also known are: a Bronze version (CSC/7), on sale at the Manchester Art Gallery autumn exhibition, 1906 (£40), at Leeds City Art Gallery Spring Exhibition [MoS], 1907 (£40) and last heard of at at auction in London on 12 September 2008, and a ceramic version, now in a private collection.

1906.04: A Reverie. Bronze statuette of female nude. A version of 1905.02. Private collection, France. Exhibited at the Manchester Academy, 1906 (no. 267). Also 1906.05: a fired clay version: CSC/66.

1906.06: Childhood. Plaster.  Exhibited at the Manchester Academy, 1906 (no. 268)


1907.01: Adrift Large group in bronze Manchester, St Peters Square  PMSA Original sketch model was Sketch for a heroic group in bronze [Believed to be 'Adrift'] Exhibited at the Manchester Academy 1908 (no.283) and CSC/41.

1907:02 Enriqueta Rylands. Marble statue. Manchester, John Rylands Library PMSA. Bronzed plaster model (CSC/62) exhibited at the Manchester Academy, 1907, and 1908 (no.206)


1908.01: John Kay memorial Bronze statues and plaques  Bury, Greater Manchester, Haymarket Street PMSA. One of the figures designed for this memorial, The Miner, was exhibited at the Manchester Academy 1908 (no.290) and in the 1914 Lincoln Grove exhibition (CSC/5)

1908.02: Professor John Strachan (1908-9), University of Manchester, Christie Library (in 2010 open to the public as Christie's Bistro)

1908.03: Richard Hook. Exhibited at the Manchester Academy 1908 (no. 285)

1908:04: Henry Hunt. Bronze portrait medallion, Manchester Reform Club. Unveiled 29 June 1908. Relocated to Manchester Museum of Science and Industry when the Club closed in 1987, Until 2015 on display, uncredited, in the 'Making of Manchester' gallery at the Museum, currently (2016) in non-public storage.
Lived 1773-1835. Speaker at the 'Peterloo' demonstrations in Manchester in 1819.

1908:05: Portrait of a Lady. bronze. Exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery, Twenty-Sixth Autumn Exhibition, 1908. [MoS] Also CSC/50, and


1909.01: William Powell Frith. Bronze bustManchester Art Gallery 1917.271. [Not on display, 2011] Presented by James Gresham: exhibited at the Royal Academy, London in 1909 along with bust of Gresham, and at the Manchester Academy, 1909 (no.268), 1911 (no.293) and 1922 (no. 219). Also CSC/95. 
Frith was one of the most popular British painters of the Victorian era; Friend of Gresham, who owned  specially-commissioned copies by Frith of his famous painting Derby Day and other works.

1909.02 The late W.P. Frith, R.A., M.V.O., statuette. CSC/56. Date estimated from bust of Frith (1909.01)

1909.03: Memorial to Dr. Peter Horrocks (died 1909), Guy's Hospital, London

1909.04: The late Alderman Sir James W. Southern, bronze.  Exhibited at the Manchester Academy 1909 (no. 266). CSC/55. Until 2015, on display, uncredited, in the 'Making of Manchester' gallery, Manchester Museum of Science and Industry; from 2015 placed in store.

1909.05: The Orphan. Exhibited Manchester Academy Jubilee Exhibition (no.260)

1909.06: The Door of Knowledge, bronze relief for overmantel. CSC/37. Also known as The Gate of Knowledge. Appeared at auction in London, 2007 as 'from a house in Manchester.' Whereabouts unknown, 2014.

1909:07: Defending the Flag, bronze. CSC/24. Probably the same as 'Saving the Flag' on sale at Royal Hibernian Academy Annual Exhibition, 1909 £52 10s. [MoS]


1910.02: N. Kolp, Esq., bronze. Exhibited at the Manchester Academy 1910

1910.03: Romeo and Juliet, bronze group (no.285) Exhibited at the Manchester Academy 1910, lent by Edward A. Eason.  CSC/10.

1910.04: Edward A. Eason. Bronze relief. Exhibited at the Manchester Academy 1910 (no.287)
Manchester cotton broker and art collector.

1910.05: Alfred Hopkinson K.C. (vice-chancellor). Bronze bust. Exhibited at the Manchester Academy 1910 (no. 288) and  1912 (no. 264) CSC/20. Also as 'The Vice Chancellor of the Victoria University of Manchester' Exhibited at Royal Cambrian Academy of Art Thirtieth Annual Exhibition, 1912 [MoS] In 2011, in the School of Law, The University of Manchester, not on public display.


1911.01: Rev. J. Hirst Hollowell. Bust. Congregational Church House, Manchester
Lived 1851-1909. Congregational minister and educationalist. In 1908 he was elected chairman of the Lancashire Congregational Union. His exertions broke down his health, and he died of cerebral apoplexy on 24 December 1909. A memorial bust, by John Cassidy, was unveiled at the Congregational Church House, Manchester on 3 April 1911. (Dictionary of National Biography, edited by Sidney Lee. Vol. 2.

1911.02: Edward de Jong. Bronze bust. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1911 (no. 298) as lent by Thomas Kay. Recorded elsewhere as 'in the Gallery, Heywood, Manchester.' Exhibited again in 1921, no. 217: 'Kindly lent by the Heywood Education Committee.'
Born in Deventer, Holland, 1837. Flautist with the Halle Orchestra, Flute Professor at the Royal Manchester College of Music 1893 – 1906.

1911.03: Mrs James Gresham, marble bust Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1911 (no. 287)

1911.04: Mrs James Gresham, miniature medallion Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1911  (no. 295)

1911.06: His Majesty Edward VII. Bronze, Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1911 (no. 297) CSC/87? Possibly model for 1913.01.

1911.07: Rowland Thirlmere  bronze medallion. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1912 (no.265) (In store in Manchester City Library, 2017.)
Pen-name of John Walker (1861-1932), Poet, travel writer, member of the Manchester Literary Club.


1912.01: A Quaker maiden, in terra cotta. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1912 (no. 261) Probably the same as CSC/19. The Quaker's Daughter, bust, fired clay.

1912.02: Portrait bust à la Tendence Novelle.  Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1912 (no. 262)

1912.03: Edward John Broadfield. Marble bustManchester Art Gallery, 1914.51 [Not on display, 2011]. Exhibited Manchester Academy 1912 (no. 263). CSC/47.
Edward Broadfield (1831-1913) was an early graduate of Owens College and went on to become a founder of Manchester University. A bust of Broadfield is also recorded as in the Swedenborgian Church, Crumpsall, Manchester: this may be the same work.

1912.04: The High Sheriff of Lancashire. Marble bust, unfinished. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1912 (no. 266). Probably the same work as CSC/49. Sir George Pilkington, D.L., bust.
(Sir George Augustus Pilkington (1848-1916) was High Sheriff 1911.)


1913.01: King Edward VII Large bronze statue. Manchester, Whitworth Park  PMSA Model, CSC/35, also CSC/39 'Colossal Head of King Edward.'

: Ernest Marriott. Bronze Statuette. Private collection. CSC/83.

1913.03: Sir Alfred HopkinsonBronze statuette. 19 in. high. Private collection. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1914 (no.279). CSC/42.

1913.04: Memorial to Alderman Healey, Heywood, Manchester. Details and date uncertain.
William Healey (1852-1913) was chairman of the Heywood Technical School Committee, 1894.  David Healey, d. 1931, was also mayor of Heywood.

1913.05: Birds of the "Stone Age", two designs for gateposts or garden newels Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1913 (No. 261) CSC/32 & CSC/32A

1913.07: In the whirlpool, clay sketch Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1925 (no. 252) Probably the same as CSC/76.

1913.08:  F.R. Benson, Esq., stone bust.  CSC/86. , Exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery, Exhibition of Modern Oil Paintings and Sculpture, 1913. Made for the Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, probably lost in the fire which destroyed the theatre on 6 March 1926 [MoS]
Francis Robert Benson (1858-1939) Actor, and from 1888 the manager of the Stratford-on-Avon Shakespeare Fesitval.

1913.09: Captain Scott and his gallant crew planting the flag at the South Pole on February 17th 1912. Original sketch in fireclay for a group in marble. On sale at Manchester Art Gallery, Exhibition of Modern Oil Paintings and Sculpture, 1913, £25 [MoS] Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1914 (no. 284). Also CSC/31. One version was sold at auction to a private collector, 2015.

1913.10 William Crawford, founder of William Crawford & Son, biscuit manufacturers of Edinburgh. Bronze bust. Auctioned in Glasgow 2017.


1914.01: Richard Roberts. Bust. - National Museum Wales, Cardiff [Not on display]
Bust presented to National Museum Wales (Accession Number: NMW A 324) in 1914 by David Davies of Llandinam (1880-1944). MP for Montgomeryshire, 1906-29

1914.02: Harry Houdini. Bronze Bust. Several copies exist in the USA.

1914.03: E.J. Broadfield. medallion. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1914 (no. 278) CSC/11.

1914.04: Portrait, "R.B.F." Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1914 (no. 280) probably the same work  as R.B. Fishenden, Esq., portrait head (CSC/91).

1914.05: Mrs Frankenburg. Bronze Bust. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1914 (no. 283) CSC/71.  Also Mrs Frankenburg, model for marble bust. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1919 (no.275)

(1914 items below were in the exhibition of that year. The reference numbers may be altered if further details are discovered)

1914.11: Equestrian Group, bronze. CSC/1

1914.14: The Captive, bronze. CSC/4.

1914.15:  The Reaper, bronze. CSC/6

1914.16: The Tide. Summit of a Timepiece, bronze. CSC/8.

1914.19:  Dr. Kenrick Pyne, medallion, silver. CSC/13.

1914.20: After the Crucifixion, relief. CSC/15.

1914.21: Love is Dead, bronze. CSC/16.

1914.22: Cupid's Slumber, bronze. CSC/17.

1914.25:  Statuette of a Lady, fired clay. CSC/25.

1914.26: Sketch for Garden Group, in stone. CSC/26.

1914.27: Sketch for Garden Group, in stone. CSC/27.

1914.28: May Morn, marble head. CSC/28.

1914.29: Hosting the Flag, sketch for centenary group. CSC/29.

1914.30: The Mill Girls, group, fired clay. CSC/30.

1914.31: Night, stone, garden figure. CSC/33.

1914.11: Morning, stone, garden figure. CSC/34.

1914.32: Memorial Panel for Bury Grammar School. CSC/36.

1914.33: Portrait in Relief, heroic. CSC/38.

1914.34: Sketch for a Monument to a great benefaction. CSC/40.

1914.35: Portrait of a Lady, unfinished. CSC/43.

1914.36:  The Rescue, clay sketch, unfinished. CSC/44.

1914.40: The late Mr. Grey, Secretary of the Co-operative Society, bust. CSC/54.

1914.44: Centenary Portrait, medallion. CSC/60.

1914.45: Margaret Gray, terra-cotta head. CSC/63.

1914.46: The Road-mender, terra-cotta head. CSC/64.  Also as Sam Griffiths, the Road-mender. Fired clay Exhibited at Royal Cambrian Academy of Art Thirty-Third Annual Exhibition, 1915 [MoS]

1914.47: Diana, fired clay. CSC/65.

1914.48: Sorrow, terra-cotta. CSC/67.

1914.49: Design for a bell-push, unfinished, Bronze. CSC/68.

1914.50: The Golden-age, pearl alabaster. CSC/69.

1914.51: The Flood, unfinished group in clay. CSC/70.

1914.52: Design for Book-plate. CSC/72.

1914.53: Portrait medallion, bronze. CSC/73.

1914.55: The late Queen Victoria, medallion. CSC/75.

1914.56: Portrait of a Lady, in stone, unfinished. CSC/77.

1914.57: Portrait Head of a Lady, unfinished. CSC/78.

1914.58: Sketch for a Clock Mantelpiece, terra-cotta. CSC/79.

1914.59: Sketch for Reaper, fired clay. CSC/80.

1914.60: Jupiter sketch, fired clay. CSC/81.

1914.61: Sketch for a late M.P., statuette. CSC/82.

1914.65: The Grandfather and the Orphan, sketch in clay. CSC/88.

1914.66: Sketch Group for Monument, in clay. CSC/89.

1914.67: The Spirit of Light, life-sized lamp figure. CSC/90.

1914.69: Humanity, terra-cotta. CSC/92.

1914.70: Model for Overmantel, in music room. CSC/93.

1914.71: Sketch for "Fame," fired clay. CSC/96.

1914.72:  The Girl Worker, fired clay. CSC/97.

1914.73: Design for Fountain, clay. CSC/98.

1914.74: A Pearl. CSC/99.

1914.75:  Sketch for a Monument, with group representing Charity on the Summit. CSC/100.


1915.01: Sir Daniel McCabe. Relief Panel.  Manchester, Town Hall sculpture hall PMSA. Another cast of the work is at Moston Roman Catholic cemetery, north Manchester.

1915.02: Adam and Eve, pair of bronze statuettes. City Art Gallery, Manchester. [Not on display, 2011.] Another pair appeared at auction in the USA in 2006. Exhibited at Royal Cambrian Academy of Art Thirty-Eighth Annual Exhibition, 1920, £21.

1915.03: The Weaver's Daughter. Original model in fired clay. Exhibited at Royal Cambrian Academy of Art Thirty-Third Annual Exhibition, 1915. [MoS]

1915.04: Returning from Work. Original model in fired clay. Exhibited at Royal Cambrian Academy of Art Thirty-Third Annual Exhibition, 1915. [MoS]

1915.05: Love's Whisper. Bronze figure group. Exhibited at Royal Cambrian Academy of Art Thirty-Third Annual Exhibition, 1915 [MoS] Possibly the same as  The Whisper, clay sketch, unfinished (CSC/45).

1915.06: Paper-weight. Bronze. Exhibited at Royal Cambrian Academy of Art Thirty-Third Annual Exhibition, 1915 [MoS]


1916.01: La PerleAlabaster bust. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1916 (no. 272) and - renamed as The Spirit of the Mist - 1918 (no.278)
1916.02: John Millard Esq. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1916 (no. 281)
John Millard (1862-1948) was a sculptor, teacher at Manchester School of Art, and member of the Manchester Academy from 1919. His works include Macclesfield War Memorial.

1916.03: Professor Boyd Dawkins. Bust. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1916 (no.282) and 1920 (no.270)
Professor Sir William Boyd Dawkins, FRS, KBE (1837 – 1929) was Curator of Natural History  the Manchester Museum from 1869 to 1890, and Lecturer, later Professor of Geology at Owens College, Manchester from 1870. He retired in 1908 and was made an honorary professor of the College, which had by then become the Victoria University of Manchester. He was three times president of the Manchester Geological and MIning Society, as well as founder and first president of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society. He was awarded a Knighthood in 1919.


1918.01 :The Explorers. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1918 (no. 279)

1918.02: The Murmur. Statuette. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1918 (no.280)
'facsimile purchased by H.M. the Queen' states the catalogue, but a search by staff at the Royal Collection in 2010 found no trace of it.


1919.01: Alcock and Brown. Bronze medal. Manchester Art Gallery, 1980.251. [Not on display, 2011] A number of copies of this medal exist.

1919.03: Exiles, original model in fired clay. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1919 (no. 281)


1920.01: War Memorial Two Bronze figures. Clayton-le-Moors, Lancashire. Mercer Park. Sketch exhibited Manchester Academy, 1920 as 'Sketch of an heroic group in bronze, now being cast for a town in Lancashire.'

1920.03: War memorial. Bronze plaque. Rishton, Lancashire. Conservative Club

1920.04: The Refugees. Clay sketch. Exhibited at Royal Cambrian Academy of Art Thirty-Eighth Annual Exhibition, 1920.[MoS]


1921.01: War Memorial (1921) Heaton Moor, Stockport PMSA

1921.02: War Memorial Stone crucifix, bronze plaques. Lower Peover, Cheshire

1921.03: Alcock and Brown Memorial. Relief panel (1921) - inside Manchester Town Hall PMSA

1921.04: Babyhood, in clay, unbaked. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1921 (no. 214)

1921.05: Flora, in red stone, one of a series of garden figures. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1921 (no.215)

1921.06: Pan, in red stone, one of a series of garden figures. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1921 (no.216)


1922.01: War Memorial Lych-Gate  St Peter's Church, Swinton, Salford. Incorporates stone figures carved by Cassidy.

1922.02: War Memorial Bronze statue and panels. Colwyn Bay, North Wales

1922.03 :War Memorial Bronze statues. Skipton, North Yorkshire

1922.04: War Memorial. Bronze figures and panels. Stourbridge, West Midlands: Mary Stevens Park PMSA. Also 'Victory', sketch for the Stourbridge memorial, Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1922 (No. 221)

1922.05: The New Era, sketch for a heroic group in bronze. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1922 (no.222)

1922.06: The advent of Spring, model for a bronze. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1922 (no. 223). Probably the same as 'Spring' bronze statuette Exhibited at Royal Cambrian Academy of Art Forty-First Annual Exhibition, 1923, £15


1923.01: Rosa Leo Grindon. Bronze relief panel. 'Temporarily' on display in Manchester Central Library, 2018.
Née Rosa Elverson. Lived 1848-1923. The wife of Leopold Hartley Grindon (1818-1904),  a notable Manchester botanist and author.

1923.02: Clara M Codd. Small bronze plaque. Manchester Art Gallery, 1980.249. [Not on display, 2011.]
Theosophical writer, and Suffragette

1923.03: The Hon. Mrs M'Creagh Thornhill, model for marble bust Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1923 (No.255)

1923.04 Bonny Brid, bronze, Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1923, lent by T.Greg Dowson (no.256)
[Iinspired by the poem Welcome, Bonny Brid by Lancashire dialect poet Samuel Laycock (1826 – 1893). Probably a version of 'The Weaver's Wife.']

1923.05 Irlam and Cadishead War Memorial, bronze figure. Prince's Park, Irlam, Greater Manchester. The original figure, mounted on a memorial replaced in the 1940s


1924.01: John Lewis Paton. Bronze relief panel. Manchester Grammar School. Small (8.6 cm high) copies also exist, including one in Manchester Art Gallery, 1980.250 [Not on display, 2014.].

1924.02 The British Nun (pigeon) club heroes trophy ivory, bronze and alabaster statuette Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1924 (no. 318). Still in possession of the club.

1924.03 Miss Evelyn Morris, portrait head. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1924 (No.318)

1924.04 Our President, portrait bust. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1924

1924.05 Annie Besant. Small Bronze plaque. Manchester Art Gallery 1980.248. [Not on display, 2011.] Shown at the British Empire Exhbition, London 1925.
Lived 1847-1933 Theosophical writer, campaigner for women's rights and home rule for India.

Alderman Todd JP. Plaster bust? Exhibited at Manchester Art Federation, Fine & Applied Art Exhibition, 1924. Lent by Alderman Todd [MoS]


1925.01: War Memorial  bronze figure and plaques. Eccles, Greater Manchester: Church Street PMSA

1925.02: Portrait study, plaster. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1925 (no.253)

1925.03: Portrait of a Lady Model for bronze bust Exhibited at Royal Cambrian Academy of Art Forty-Third Annual Exhibition, 1925 [MoS] Same as 1925.02?


1926.01 Robert Innes, Esq. J.P., bronze. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1926 (no.289)

1926.02: Energy, bronze. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1926 (no.291)

1926.03:Thomas Purdy, Esq., J.P., bust. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1926 (no.284)

1926.04: Annie Besant D.L.H, portrait from life, in stone or marble (plaster model?) Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1926 (no.284)


1927.01: Ludwig Van Beethoven. Plaster model for medal. Manchester Art Gallery, 1980.253.  Date unknown, but may have been 1927, centenary of the composer's death. Art Gallery staff have not been able to trace this item.

1927.02: L. Conrad Hartley, Esq. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1927 (no.271)

1927.03: Water Emsley, Esq. Exhibited Manchester Academy, 1927 (no. 272)


1928.01 Reverend Elijah Harwood Cooke. bronze plaque. (Date estimated). Vicar of St Clements Church, Urmston 1866-1928. Plaque is on the wall of the Sanctuary of the Church.


1929.01: Joseph James Phelps. Bronze Relief panel.  Manchester Art Gallery, 1929.16 Manchester. [Not on display, 2011.] 'Gift by a number of subscribers.'
J.J. Phelps (1855-1928) was a Manchester Archaeologist and Photographer: his collection is now in Chetham's Library, Manchester.

1929.02: Martin Hawke, 1861-1928. Bronze relief panel.  Private collection.
The Carborundum company opened its British subsidiary in 1913, with Martin Hawke as Managing Director, and established a factory in the Trafford Park industial estate in Manchester.


1934.01: Portrait Bust with Horoscope Exhibited at Manchester Academy Spring Exhibition, 1934. [MoS]

1934.02: Mrs Frank Bradley, MA. Exhibited at Manchester Academy Spring Exhibition, 1934. [MoS]


1935.01: Samuel Laycock. Small half figure in baked clay.  Manchester Art Gallery, 1980.247 [Not on display, 2011.].
Lived 1826-1893. Lancashire dialect writer, born in Marsden, near Saddleworth.


1939.01: Leslie Stuart memorial. Bronzed plaster portrait medallion. Manchester Central Library - damaged beyond repair by vandals, no longer exists.

1939.04: Pope Pius XII. Clay bust, unfinished at Cassidy's death. Believed to have been later completed by his former students.

Works of unknown date.

Memorial, in silver, to Dr. Redhead. Crucifix in teak wood, Bradford

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