John Cassidy - Scupltor
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This site celebrates the life and work of sculptor John Cassidy (1860 - 1939).

The church of St Peter in Chorley Road,  Swinton, Salford, Greater Manchester 'a fine building of stone with a lofty western tower', was built to designs by Sir Gilbert Scott in 1869.

The lych-gate, between the churchyard and the street, was added as a War Memorial after World War I, and features carvings by John Cassidy. It was unveiled in 1922, and is now a Grade II listed structure.

Lis Nicolson writes: 'My Uncle Jack (John Ruskin Tyldesley) was born in 1916, and remembers it being built when he was at St Peter's Church of England Primary School. The names of Swinton's war dead are inside the arch.'

The lower picture shows three close-ups of the Cassidy statues on the structure. All pictures contributed by Wendy Stock of the Pilkington's Pottery Society.

Swinton - St Peter's Church lych-gate

Swinton 1

The structure also has a glass-fronted casket of soil from the Western Front built into the wall, as well as the names of war dead carved inside the arch. Unusually for a war memorial, it has not had names from later wars added. Unfortuntately, some of the names have become hard to read, partly due to repairs done using a different kind of stone from the original. In 2008 it was reported that the local Council was planning to re-carve the names on this memorial and had asked local residents to contact them with names of relatives known to have died in the First World War.

Reference: Salford Advertiser, 21 January 2009